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I’m so sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL lately.. Moving back to Cambridge, starting uni and starting a new job has taken over my life and I haven’t had much time or energy for anything crafty. 

I was actually thinking the other day how much I miss summer, because while I volunteered at Bespoken of Studio I got two whole days to chill out and create stuff in a beautiful space.

But yes. I’m going to try and get a few new (and old) things up on Folksy soon but I can’t say that I’ll get much time to update very often.. with a demanding course, a dissertation to write and 24 hours a week at work I’m pretty pooped by the time I’m home.

Anyway.. some good news (for me anyone).. without even realizing, I had hit (and exceeded) 100 sales! WOO HOOOO! :)

And I just want to thank all of my followers for sticking around <3

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So this may seem a little early.. but my Folksy views on the Christmas decorations from last year have been BLOWING UP! haha.

So here is the remaining stock I have from last Christmas, I am in the process of making more but it is something for now :]

Currently available;
*Candy Cane 
*Two sets of hanging hearts,

More coming soon :)

Grab them here

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Thank you to everyone for sticking around!
Sorry I haven’t been updating much, I spent a lot of my summer at my job or volunteering at Bespoken of Studio! It was a fantastic little shop that offered space for me to work in while I opened the shop. It was small and quiet and was so lovely and peaceful to work in. I am sadly no longer there as I am about to move back to another town for uni. but I spent all of my time there and made a lot of stock of Felixstowe’s Art on the Prom and also sent a massive stock box to Crafty Mum's where I sell my jewellery!

But not Art on the Prom is over and everything is calmed down a little, before uni kicks in I plan on updated my Folksy (I have a LOT of new stock to add as well as some upcoming Christmas stock) and focusing on updated a lot more on Tumblr! :]

So thank you for sticking around! :D

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Some photographs of the studio and my display there! :) That is Michelle sitting at the table ( and the Dr Pepper bottle indicates my side of the table ;)

Here is some pictures of the lovely studio me & Chloe both volunteer at! and at the bottom is pictures of Chloe’s space! You can find her beautifully colourful jewellery here; Cwocwo

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